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Since Omeda was originally founded 30 years ago as a magazine audience development system, we have extensive experience in managing hundreds of publication brands. Most importantly, we have experience in the amount and type of handholding necessary to ensure an effective and stress-free conversion to a new way of approaching the audience integration concept. Over the years Omeda has converted more BtoB publications from in-house to out-of-house than all other major vendors combined. This, indeed, is one of our core competencies and our experience serves us extremely well in outsourcing marketing data from all types of other organizations.

The key distinguishing factor that sets Omeda apart is we truly understand in today's world the main challenges for our clients are: (i) determining their important audience groups, (ii) targeting specific segments and highlighting the ways those segments relate to marketing interests, and (iii) delivering the audience more efficiently to those marketers. We recognize the need for publishers to integrate the many systems required in today's world to properly run an audience development and retention effort into one comprehensive database and/or separate vertical industry databases that provide one true view of the customer and that can also incorporate a plethora of paid products such as newsletters, websites, shows, whitepapers, podcasts and events. Maintaining one "true view" facilitates an expansion of the brand which creates additional revenue streams from existing as well as new audience members by integrating the brand into the informational needs of the customer.

As our publishing clients develop into integrated media companies, they add many different audience touchpoints as have most of the other clients we are pleased to serve. We've established a complete cradle-to-grave system for our clients - all driven off of one robust database. Our clients gather the data on web forms we host, select, analyze, and segment an audience group using our tools, and deploy a communication from our in-house Omail system. They can then analyze the results, and overlay that information right back onto their database-all without any external "synching".