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"Omeda imports information off our operational order-entry system, catalog requester file and Web site, and they transform and aggregate the information into a data warehouse. This lets us track performance, identify trends, prepare forecasts and make selections for our telemarketing and mailing efforts."
Jack Miller
Founder of Quill Corp
Former Chairman of Successories, Inc.

Solutions | Reporting & Analytics


Because the Omeda system is designed to be updated with considerable frequency all of our clients enjoy the benefits of customized dashboards which appear automatically on their MyOmeda login page. These dashboards reflect the specific hot button metrics which are most important to our clients and contain both current and annual (versus prior year to date if requested) results of our clients' marketing efforts.

As is proper in today's business environment, the first question out of management's mouth with regard to any marketing project is "What's our ROI on this project?" The good news is that using Omeda's advanced reporting and analytical tools and coupling them with a global marketing database it is possible to calculate a very accurate ROI on the project. Omeda's reporting and analytical capabilities enable our clients to establish a cost for each campaign or campaign segment and compare these costs to the very tangible results (sales, inquiries, leads) which are created by your campaigns.

Using our SaaS suite of reporting capabilities, Omeda clients have the ability to access their latest counts and reports. Furthermore, our dedicated team will work with you to design and implement any customized report you may need. Best of all, since your data is completely integrated, your reports incorporate all of your marketing and data touchpoints.

Omeda clients use our sophisticated regression and other high-end mathematical functions to reveal hidden nuggets of actionable information that are inherently contained in the customized data warehouse. For example, wouldn't it be nice to know how many emails you can send to a customer before he opts out of receiving any more from your company? And wouldn't it be even nicer to know if there are any significant characteristics such as age, gender or type of employment that reveal even more about who is likely to reply to any given marketing communication?

It is important to emphasize that this is uniquely possible on the Omeda system because through our robust ETL process we are able to join the marketing efforts with the marketing results. Keep in mind that it is just as important to report who didn't respond when calculating ROI on future marketing programs. The unique conjoining of multiple data silos on the Omeda system enables efficiency and optimal communication with existing and potential customers placing our user's way ahead of their competition.