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Omeda's system provides customer-centric databases, which incorporate all types of our paid and controlled products - print and digital publications, newsletters, events, and Websites. This type of database development allows us to dissect and understand our community of end users and identify what they do and who they are. We can find new ways to serve our markets.
Sylvia Sierra
Senior Vice President
Corporate Audience Development
Access Intelligence

Solutions | Query & Data Mining

Through our unique application, OnQ, we give marketers the ability to touch and feel their data. We have taken the need for knowing complex query languages away, our users can simply point and click to get the information they need. The real-time interactive approach to inquiring against the database Omeda has built for you is optimally designed for the way marketers like to "think out loud". Want to find out how many customers bought product A, but not product B...2 clicks and you are there. Furthermore, with just a few more clicks, you can seamlessly deploy an email offering product B to those customers because our OnQ is, of course, fully integrated with our email deployment engine Omail.

While there are many variations of inquiry and mining tools, Omeda's real-time interactive approach to inquiring against the database has been built specifically for marketers. Since the entire Omeda system serves only the marketing function, our inquiry tool has been optimally designed for only this purpose. Response is instantaneous on databases containing 10's of millions of customers and each subsequent click produces an instant result incorporating the category and algebraic function requested.

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