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"We at PennWell really like the fact that our titles are totally current to the second through the use of their Omail (email) system. Omeda's willingness to work on any project we may have has been tremendous, and we truly think of them as our partners."
Gloria S. Adams
Senior Vice President
Audience Development & Book Publishing
PennWell Corp.

Solutions | Email Deployment

Omail from Omeda is a true end-to-end email deployment solution. Unique in the industry, Omail is an email deployment system that is driven from a completely integrated marketing database engine. Omail completely integrates your database, email, and web activity into one global marketing database. With Omail, all the return data from deployments (including opt-outs and undeliverables) is automatically updated to the database, thus ensuring up-to-the-minute data accuracy. Simply, Omail will make you money by keeping your database more accurate, more relevant, and more useful. Utilize our "Oleads" tool to increase your ROI on the investment you make in a global marketing database. Please contact us for more information on how these products can benefit you.

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