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Omail | Service Options

Full-Service Model

We know your marketing department is busy. With our Full Service Plan, you simply submit the essentials of your campaign using the online interface, namely your marketing creative and customer lists, and we will take over from there. We will close the data loop for you - all your campaign results will be appended to your database for storage and reporting.

Self-Service Model

Sometimes you have a little extra time on your hands and want to make your marketing email deployment part of your weekly or monthly task list. We've made it easy for you through our Omail pure self-service tools. Upload your own creative and marketing lists and conduct your own testing, deployment and analysis with ease using our web-based tools. Our system is flexible and offers both full 24/7 online ASP access in addition to a customer-service oriented non-ASP model.

Speak to us today about which model best serves your needs.