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Any successful email effort depends upon the success of your deliverability. While all email deployment providers will tell you that deliverability is important, we at Omeda take deliverability to a whole new level.


Our experienced staff of dedicated individuals continuously monitors our clients' deployments and works with all of the major ISPs to facilitate and maintain whitelisting.


We have incorporated tools into our Omail applications such as SpamAssassin, which predicts a spam score based on the content of your message. You can modify the content to achieve an acceptable score prior to deploying, eliminating many potential deliverability issues.


Our unique integrated database technology ensures that our clients' deployments are being sent to only the very most relevant customers or prospects on their database. The question then becomes, not whether a given deployment is in danger of being considered spam, but rather whether the specific deployment is going to the absolutely most appropriate recipients of the given communication. Thus, not only does overall deliverability percentage increase, there is a dramatic improvement in our clients' response rates.

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